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In my entire life, I had watched many movies in various type of genre which is horror, action and many more. The one that I prefer the most is ‘real steal’.  This movie is about a man, Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) who is an ex-boxer, fighting for his dream to be a champion in the robot fight when he finally met his son, Max Kenton (Dakota Goyo). They fight together in order to achieve their dream with the robot that they had found, which they called Atom. There are several moral values that that we could learn from this movie.

Firstly, we must not give up in everything we do, although there will be many obstacles as well as failure. We must do anything we can and try harder to achieve our goal. In this movie, Charlie had faced many obstacles in his robot fight. He had lost in the fight for several times and he even lost the fight between his robot and a bull but he is never giving up. He wanted to try again and push harder to achieve his dream.

Secondly, we must be prepared for anything that we do. When we are working on something, we must be fully prepared, focus and the things must be planned well. In this movie, the reason that Charlie always fail in his fight is he was not well prepared in his fight. In his first robot fight with the bull, he is not ready and focussing in the fight. He is distracted by the audience, thinking that he already won.  Finally, he lost. Same goes to his fight at the underground. He did not know what skills that his robot can do, he did not know his robot well. Still he wanted to put his robot in a fight. That is why he is losing a lot of fight.

Thirdly, the love between a father and a son will never be broken. Although there are fights between father and son, but they will always love each other. At first, Charlie did not want to take care of Max, his son. He rather ‘sells’ max to his uncle because his auntie want to adopt him. But finally, he started to love max and willing to go to see Debra, Max’s auntie to ask her permission to bring Max to the robot competition. Charlie already missed Max when his auntie took him home.

In a nutshell, there are three moral values that we can learn from this movie which is never give up, be prepared for anything we do and learn about the love of a father and son.

p/s : my english assignment... hehe...
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